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The Glückenspiel Bubble Gum Tower Of Power

Current Form


Type: Passive / Active Item
Rareness: Unique
Damage: 0 pts
Protection: 0 pts
Size: 21cm tall, 56,25cm2 foundation
Effects: Accelerated Dental Decay Debuff


Upon activation sucks out user's unused calcium and then calcifies pineal glands of all foes in the vicinity (m radius) of the user, equivalent to it's height (cm). Cooldown: 60 minutes.

Upon being broken in half by the user allows user to warp back in time to any previous point in ime at which the artifact already existed. Cooldown: 5 years.


2012 :: The foundations are laid, and thus the artifact is invented.
2014-2016 :: Rapid Growth, 10-15 cm height is reached.
2017-2018 :: Severe deceleration of growth
2019 :: The Artifact bends and breaks in half due to the unbalanced accumulation of gum lumps on one side. Is repaired after a short period of maintenance.
2020 :: The Artifact exhibits little to no growth during this period.
2021-2022 :: Growth spurt, 20cm+ reached.


2022 Jun. 20th

2021 Jul. 17th

2018 Nov. 11th

Early 2014