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The Glückenspiel Bubble Gum Tower
Behold the greatest artifact my posession. I made it, that's right, but be careful, not for the faint of heart and for the weak of the belly.

Music, Midi, SFX

Sound Collection: Countryside Edition [13/08/2019]
382 Sounds in OGG Format. They're lightweight and all together are ~12mb uncompressed.
Features all kinds of Metal, Wood, Plastic, Door, Water, Train, Engine, Tool, Switch, Grass, Branch sounds, and a several ambient tracks you can loop.

The Complete Midi Collection [2017-2021]
Featuring all of the 196 midies that I made over the years for my games.

Cockroach Dinner: Platinum Edition [2016]
A compilation album featuring only the good stuff.

Themes, Fonts, Miscellaneous

Cartoony and Stronghold fonts [01/2021]
2 fonts in otf and ttf format I made while trying out a program. Not very good to use as-is but with some graphic enhancement you may find a use for these.

The Galaxee Theme for Windows 7 [12/2017]
A theme that uses bright orange and blue colors over black background.

Doom Wads

Nukage Refinery Plant (2017)
The Underground (2015)