Front 242

Genres: EBM / Industrial

Originial & Reissue

[1987] Official Version

W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G   ✹Rerun Time   ✹Masterhit (Part 1 & 2)

Not as good as I expected, but not terribly bad either. It's only 38 minutes long so you should give it a go someday.
Do listen to the 3 songs I linked as they are easily the best on the album, followed by the average "Quite Unusual" and "Red Team".
The worst is "Angst", as it's not even a music track, just an outro. The rest are debatable.

As for the re-issue: It also features 12" versions "Aggressiva" and "Quite Unusual" (the former one is better than the original, the latter is more of the same), as well as 2 remixes of "Masterhit" (Masterblaster one is pretty good, the other one can be ignored).

Originial & Reissue

[1988] Front By Front

Circling Overland   ✹Headhunter V1.0   ✹Terminal State

A bit better than the last. Worthy of your time regardless, as some songs are very good and you might happen to like the rest too.
The songs I linked are the best IMO, followed by "First In/First Out", "Blend The Strengths" and maybe, but I'm not sure, "Work 01".

As for the re-issue's bonus tracks:
The first song features a televangelist recording once again, but this time it's sampled into a decent track.
Then, "Headhunter V1.0", which I prefer over the original album version (But the one I linked is a shortened video version).
"Never Stop! V1.0" is really good, even better than some of the stuff on the album.
There is also V1.1 of "Never Stop" and 3 other tracks that are fairly decent.