Assemblage 23

Genre: Futurepop

[2002] Defiance


Originial & Deluxe

[2012] Bruise

Over & Out   ✹The Noise Inside My Head   ✹Otherness

There are 10 songs in the base album, and the deluxe version comes with 3 new songs and 7 remixes. The original red album cover seems prettier to me but it's a miniscule difference.
This is a great and essential Assemblage 23 album in my opinion, sure there are a few songs that aren't too interesting ("The Other Side Of The Wall" is the only truly boring one, but "Talk Me Down" and "Automaton" are also very similar to each other),
but in general I'd say it has some of Tom's best songs on it. Even the new ones you get on the Deluxe version are worth it.

Speaking of Deluxe, there are 2 remixes of "The Last Mistake", 3 of "The Noise Inside My Head" and 2 more of "Rain Falls Down".
Let's start with "The Noise Inside My Head", as out of the 3 remixed songs I prefer it the most - Grendel's is nice and deserves an occasional listen; Sonik Foundry's doesn't seem to improve the song in any way; Alter Der Ruine's messes up the rhythm of the song, so the singing feels out of place, but it's more interesting than the previous one.

"Rain Falls Down" is my second favorite - Daniel Myer Vancouver Tribute Mix starts off with a more interesting beat and is OK but iVardensphere's is more curious and I like the atmosphere it builds).

"The Last Mistake" is one of my least favorite songs on this album - and Cesium 137's remix doesn't really do anything to improve it, while Geoff Pinckney's arguably makes it worse.