The Music Enjoyment Page

An attempt to keep track of things I've listened to without using other sites - plus a little bit of reviews & recommendations where possible.

Favorite Genres :: Italo-Disco, Trance, Downtempo, Synthwave, Futurepop, Thrash Metal
Also Notable :: Synthpop, Gothic Metal, Nu Metal, Heavy Metal & AOR, Happy Hardcore, Industrial, Country

Favorite Bands :: Absurd Minds, Girls Under Glass, Iron Maiden, Overkill, Cat Rapes Dog, Accept, Angel Witch

Short reviews & best songs are available on the pages below. Some pages are unavailable at the moment. Links for best songs available for: Front 242, Covenant.
Absurd Minds     ➤Girls Under Glass     ➤Kraftwerk     ➤Assemblage 23     ➤Front 242     ➤Sandra     ➤Covenant

Various Pages

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The Best of Cafe Del Mar / Ambient Trance / Downtempo Music
Happy Rave / Happy Hardcore Compilation Differences
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