Gallery of Drawnings

The Orange Sunset


Hungry Demonoid

Zarradian Demonoid

Scenes From The War

05 Swarm


Skulls In A Storm


Cocktail Poster

Junkman Poster

BFITV Poster

Angus & Swann Poster

Scumfuck Trip Poster

04 Cryotank

03 Time

02 Overflow

01 Mind Expansion

00 Frequency

Six A Two

Decay of Happiness

Mind Damage

Casting the Magic Spell

Wizard Of Helvet

Alone in the Darkness

Welcome To The Asteroid

Lassaracuferus II (Azariekel)

The Miracles Of Dentistry


Lassaracuferus III (Infernos)

The Poisonous Flower

The Midnight Bloodsucker

Friends' Sketches and Renditions

My Enhanced Version ->

Roger Strudelhans
by The DoctorCrow

Flower (Rum 3D)
by a Friend

Wizard Haal
by a Friend

The Evil Dentist
by a Friend

Rum 2 Boss #1
by a Friend

by a Friend

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