Kaale Warkata: The History

Originally Written On: 29/12/17
Last Update: 19/12/2021

The Beginning (2013 - 2015)

      I began making games in the summer of 2013, although back then I mostly made prank games that would either make loud noises or screensavers. Not a whole lot happened back then, I would usually stop making games once the summer would end, and then come back next summer. In 2015 I made a game called "Moscow 2017", amongst other games that weren't finished. It would play a big role later. I hate tutorials and didn't speak english well back then so not a whole lot of progress went on. Unlike the previous years, I continued to work on games past summer, releasing "The Deathware" in october. Back in 2015 I had a youtube channel with Fake UFO videos and other stuff like that and that's what I worked on usually, until 2016.

The Golden Age (May 2016 - December 2016)

    In early 2016 I purged that channel (wasn't the first one to suffer such fate) for some reason, and went on doing nothing for a while. In about the middle of may I decided to finish one of the previously unfinished games from 2015, but that didn't go anywhere. Instead I got inspired to work on a new game, which would be a different take on "Moscow 2017", and that was "Alien Invasion". This is where the real story begins. Even before the first game was out I already had a trilogy in mind, I made first and second games in less than a month. I was off on a break after that, but returned in July to work on the third game, which I worked on very slowly throughout the month. It ended up terrible (In fact i ended up removing the download link for it 2 months later). At this point I went from leaving download links on my youtube channel to publishing all of it on Itch io. There even used to be an archive on web archive of my page with "Alien Invasion: Gold Edition" (featuring all 3 games), but in the last few years it perished. Then I spent the next 2 months working on "Christmas Massacre". To this very day it is the longest it ever took me to make a game. I enjoyed working on it, er, more or less, but made a whole lot of mistakes, and so it ended up being shitty. By then it was october and I was experimenting with websites, I made one as a test on Wix, but wix is shit so I didn't bother much there, and that website never went public.

Asteroid2000's Lounge, made on October 13th, 2016

I then released "Junkman" on October 29th, and next week, "The Room 426 3D". In November I spent time on updating previously released games, also being ill. I finally got a website too, which was on classic google sites. At the end of november, most likely on 27th, I ran into Kimberly Kubus' games. The man had an insane impact on the future of the games and website. Next up, in December, I released 2 of the greatest games on my website, "Bloodbath" (for ludum dare 37) and most importantly "Bastards Fall Into The Void". And so, a new year had come...

Asteroid2000's Official Website, made in November 2016

Complete Madness

   Now pay close attention, as from here, it gets weird. In the first 2 weeks of 2017 the website went through an unstable phase. Throughout that time I changed my alias, made games in a different style, making them much quicker that before, but in turn, their gameplay got shorter and worse. The best games to be released during that time were "Revenge of the Chicken" and maybe "Rum".

Asteroid2000's Offical Website, Design #2 - Early January 2017

    But after a few quick changes and redesigns I eventually settled down on restoring everything. I do not have an image of the final version of the design I used, but it was more compact than the one you can see here. There was also a cyan design during the unstable phase under the other name I used. I ended up deleting the games that sucked arse. These events will repeat... Past these 2 weeks I have a very poor recollection of the events, I made the Galaxee forum, but it never came in handy. Apparently I began working on the next version of my website (The Great Archive) already then, in January.

The Great Archive 2000, Early Games Page Designs from January/February, 2017

So that's how it went, until 21st-22nd of February. That's when I began making new stuff again. The Great Archive rises...

The Great Archive 2000, Made on February 20-something, 2017. Why was it called that anyways? The name sucks...

   This is from where the name Infernal comes from, I had the name "InfernalBeast666+" on the Galaxee forum, then I removed the + at the end and began using it in my games, until eventually removing the numbers too. I also used it when I registered on the Sunfish Forum on March 17th 2017, which is why most people know me as Infernal - I ditched it shortly after but it stuck regardless, so I came back to it time and time again. But that's for later...
Those were real fun times, on Sunfish I mean. In March I followed the formula from January, with little improvement, making similar short games again. I disavow all of them though, and wish I never made them, and most games that followed. In April I ditched the new name and went back to Asteroid2000, using the original link and a new design.

Asteroid2000's Offical Website, Design #3 - April 2017

Everything I made was available, however the shorter games were put separatly into the "Infernal Games" category, while all of the other stuff was in "Classic Games".    I also think i had additional pages for different series, like Alien invasion or Bathroom Escape. In June I redesigned the website again.

Asteroid2000's Offical Website, Design #4 - June 2017

   Following that I released some of the best games from that year, "Airplane Defense" and "Escape from the Infernal Bathroom". What followed that was a change of mind and the first real purge that resulted in the loss of source files of "Airplane Defense". I was pissed that I spent so much time making shit and wanted to break away from that. After another redesign I deleted all the websites and didn't do anything for a bit, until I restored the websites (Google sites has a 2 month or so pending period before they delete). New site, new name (C3K this time), following the basic routine.

C3K Software's Asteroid, made in August 2017

   The mission was to not make retarded shit and keep it off the site, but I did exactly the opposite, releasing the worst games of that year. There was good stuff released too, such as "KLoP 3D" and other funny 3D games. Anyways, the route of purge and clean repeated in late october, I lost some more files, and so there was another blackout, until late November.

C3K Software Neocities, made in late November/early December 2017

   The website returns, now on Neocities, but apart from some snazzy banners I didn't make anything new. Except a launcher for all the Infernal games, so i could put them as a single file on my site. Another important thing is that from this point on, everything released before Junkman was unavailable. Alien Invasion 3 still needed to be remade, but why the others were missing I have no idea. Everything was quiet until December 21st, when I had another change of mind.

All the crazy games in one package

But to sum up 2017, I released 33 games, had ~11 different website designs, about ~5+ separate websites and ~6 different names (I didn't mention every single change in detail as it would take too much time and space), and the madness was still not over.
Something strange began happening.. It's as if I began to lose my head, but more on that later.

Birth Of Galaxa (December 21st 2017 - July 2018

The biggest, most productive and crazy incarnation of the website, that had the least redesigns and survived the longest - Galaxa. I also happen to hate it the most.

Galaxa Neocities, Design #1 (Dec.21st or 22nd) and Design #2 (Jan.6th)

   All of the games were made available, including the games I deleted after my first "run" of the routine in the first weeks of 2017. New games were finally being developed.
Since I hadn't released all the games I wanted to release in 2017 due to the instability regarding the websites, I made up a plan called "The Special Delivery Series", a series that would feature all the previously unreleased games, finished and released. Or to be more exact, most of these games were either released in the same state they were already (Unfinished, basically) or they sucked.
I was working insanely fast and went on to release 22 games in less than 6 months. The best of which were "Dad's Driving License", "Fuck Thermometer", "Rum 3D: Attack of the Killer Freaks" (now Klowns.. for some reason) and "Rum 6: 5 Bottles Of Rum".
I had also lost my entire collection of bathroom pictrues due to last year's purges and asked friends for help, that is why the bathroom escape games of 2018 feature Dany's, Macabre's and Speedos' bathrooms. I also had Nolovoto's and Harney's, but burned out by the time I could get to use them.
Working on my games like a madman I went into overdrive immediately at the beginning of January. The following months were insane. I hated working on 90% of the games I made during galaxa. Which you can't even explain by many of them being boring ideas, It was tedious to work even on those that came out very well. My routine was pretty much: wake up at 7:30 or so, work all day (on weekends) and then watch films until 2 am. What could go wrong? Well, I fucked my eyes up. Since I wouldn't blink for a long time they dried out. This happened after my 5 days long marathon of Deus Ex with no breaks. Then my eyes hurt like a bitch for a week or so until eventually healing up, only for me to fuck up again, and again. All of this combined with the bizarre ability to heal them up by vocally speaking up about it to yourself was getting tiring fast. After they healed up on May 29th I released a few more games and then decided to update my old ones.

Galaxa Neocities, Design #4 - Late May

The games made before Junkman had returned, better than before, "Alien Invasion 3: The Final Battle" is updated and made available for the first time since August 2016, and "Christmas Massacre" is more or less playable now. So what's gonna happen now? The end of days:

Death Of Galaxa (July 2018 - August 2018)

   I was bloody tired and had completely lost all feeling earlier that year. Still wanting a better name than "InfernalBeast" and "Galaxa Entertainment", and hating half the stuff I made, I ended up destroying Galaxa, with the same routine as before. It all went awry quickly, I couldn't figure out what to do next and lost of most source files for the games I released during 2017 and 2018. Also I lost of the greatest midi known to man - "Into The Unknown" my original midi version, amongst other things. Despite random attempts at resurrecting the website and countless new attempts at trying to run it under a new name and with new designs, nothing seemed to go the right way. And thus we descent...

Trying Out A New Design - 27th of July 2018

The Years Of Decay (September 2018 - Early 2020)

   The website would go up and down at random periods of time, at first in November, then in December with a different design and under new names and links each time, another redesign in January was followed with extended downtime. No new games were made since early june 2018 though. In the summer the website returned, but as an archive, with the remake of the first google site design. There were no new games, and back then I treated it as an archive instead of a proper new incarnation.
Going into 2020, I had a bit of a crazy moment and took everything down. Still, the thought of bringing my site and games back into action was in my head.

What now? (Early 2020 - Now)

    In november 2020 something flipped in my head and I began updating some of my games. This turned the little "Room 426" into "Mr.Bean VS Scatman" (In the update files for each updated game I would put earlier dates to make it seem they were like that for a while. Not sure why..?) And made Rum 6 singlehandedly one of the greatest games on this site (not to say it wasn't one before). Other games I updated were: Pure Black 3D, Rum 3D, Transfer Administrator, and some other games had lighter updates.
So am I back once again, back in full effect, get up on the floor get down on the track???
Yeah, I do wanna work on new games. Countless ideas still waiting to be turned real... But for some reason it doesn't seem possible.
The reason is that something has changed within me, it started gradually happening in late 2017 and kicked into action in 2018. I became indifferent to the things I do, nothing motivates me to sit down and work on a game anymore. Pair that with the absolute confusion that happened on here with the endless design/name/link changes and you just get a too much too late situation.
It sucks, and I wish I could go back to the past and not let it spiral out of control like that. I am pissed that I wasted so much time both not making anything and making shit right before. I hate many of the games I made and will never accept them as they are, but doing damage control in form of updating them / fusing them together seems like too much hassle. None of this chaos makes any sense and I really didn't expect to end up like that. I did have a good run and made some real sick games though. Right now the website still has some confusion going on, as most games have all of those stupid old names I used in them. Plus I need to finish the design and so forth.
I hope for a resurrection but what are the chances? It seems as if everything I ever did was bound to spiral out of control and fall onto itself. I try to work on stuff here and there or atleast make it look so. It's a good distraction from the fact that I don't have much else to do - this hobby of mine was my primary and only interest. Countless hours have been spent analysing all of this and trying to find out some kind of meaning in it and devise a clever solution to a hard to grasp issue, but it never got easy.

So will I make more games? What will happen to the shitty ones? Will the website enter another golden age? We shall see...


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