Who Is The Italo-Disco King Of Freeware?

Infernalbeast666 / InfernalBeast
C3K Software
Galaxa Entertainment / GG Entertainment

All major names used thoughout 2016-2018, chronologically.
All the major sites go as following. More on this here.
Horseradish Gluckenspiel Project is ran by the Italo-Disco King Of Freeware. Making games since 2013, posting them online since 2016. Inspired by freeware games of 2000s, many great game designers, artists and musicians - major ones being Kraisoft, Shawn Noel, ShayeSaintJohn, Kimberly Kubus, Jake Clover, Vasily Zotov, Wade Gielzecki, SMERSH, Napoleon XIV, Juan Rogelio Camilion, Petr Mamonov and many other. I specialize primarily in making games, and additionally other stuff here and there.

The website itself is an archive. As I stopped making new things years ago. I was prone to changing my names alot so I listed the ones I used the most to the left.

"Everything You See Is A Deception"